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4 Tips to the Most Out of Tinder

4 Tips to the Most Out of Tinder

Tinder is hands down one of the hottest dating apps to ever hit the internet.  It’s easy to use and you can meet lots of people with little effort all you have to do is swipe right.  It is online dating and speed dating all rolled into one.  Once you swipe right you do a bit of chatting and then get together.  Bear in mind that not everyone that you swipe is going to swipe back.  If they do swipe then they are interested in meeting with you.  But before you start swiping you want to make sure you get the best possible results.  On that note here are 5 tips to get the most out of Tinder.

Good Photos

Good photos aren’t selfies taken in the mirror, nor are they pictures of you with your shirt off flexing.  Take clear photos with a good camera and you are going to need a couple.  Start with a pic of your face, another of your full body and at least one that shows you having some fun.  No drunk pics, no pics of you and a harem of women just pics of you looking good and having fun.

Your First Message

Most people will rely on the old standby…”hey, how are you” that is boring.  Try being a bit more creative and a little witty.  Don’t take Tinder too seriously and let that be reflected in your first message to someone.  Here are some great opening lines to use on Tinder.

Don’t Waste Time

Tinder is unlike other dating sites, the whole idea behind Tinder is to find someone to meet up with quickly.  If you start a conversation with someone then the idea is to get together right away.  Tinder is how you break the ice not where you conduct the date.  Send a handful of messages and then decide if you’re going to meet up or not.

More Isn’t Always Better

Tinder lets you meet plenty of people but that doesn’t mean you have to date all of them.  Don’t be that guy, don’t try and date every girl you swipe right on on Tinder.  You will quickly find yourself with more than you can handle.

Tinder is the best dating app to come along since the invention of online dating.  You can meet a lot of people here as long as you use it the way it was intended.