Review: Until it Fades by KA Tucker

4.5 “Accidental Love” Stars!

I love how KA Tucker can switch romance sub-genres and prove that she’s a great writer no matter what she writes! Please note that Until it Fades has a very different feel from some of Ms. Tucker’s prior works. This is a sweet romance, not romantic suspense. Unlike many of Ms. Tucker’s prior romances which have a strong suspense element and a darker, more angst-filled feeling to them overall, this book is a gem to be treasured when you’re in the mood for a light, sweet, hope-filled and inspiring romance. In the right mood, this book is sure to leave you with a warm, contented feeling.

There are some experiences that are so fundamental that they can completely shape your life in either a positive or negative way. Unfortunately for Catherine Wright, the first such experience happened when she was but a teenager and too young to perhaps know any better but blamed nonetheless. Having experienced her 15 minutes of infamy, she approaches her life content to wallow in anonymity, even if it does mean that with a few exceptions, including her young daughter, she leads a fairly solitary life (eschewing any attempts at a romantic connection).

All that changes, however, when a chance meeting on a winding road places her face to face with an accident scene. Rather than flee at the first sign of danger, however, she does a rather selfless act, and saves a man. What she couldn’t have known at the time was that the man she saved was none other than Brett Madden, a hockey legend and the son of a famous movie star. As you can imagine, being the good samaritan who saves someone like Brett, sparks the potential for a whole new, even bigger 15 minutes of fame. Moreover, this time a positive one. Although she would be viewed as a hero this time, however, she nonetheless was so traumatized by her prior experience that she prefers to grasp on to her anonymity, even to the point of refusing to allow her friend and police officer who is handling the case to disclose her name to Brett.

But Brett is a powerful man, who comes from an even more powerful family, and he is reluctant to take no for an answer. So when he inevitably finds her and seems drawn to her, Catherine is forced to make a very difficult decision of determining whether she’s ready to break her own rules and allow someone to get close to her again.

Until it Fades drew me in and warmed my heart. Moreover, I really enjoyed a number of the secondary characters which added depth to the plot. In the end, I was left with a hopeful feeling that even those in the most unfortunate of situations are equally capable of reversing their fortunes provided they are willing to trust and open up their hearts.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.