Review: Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

I gave this audiobook a B for the content and B+ for the narration at AudioGals.

Narrated by Angela Goethals & Zachary Webber

Twisted Palace is the third book in the young/new adult trilogy, The Royals. I must admit that this has been one of the most evolving series I have ever listened to. Each book has really had its own feel, differing so much in style that I’d almost say they felt like different stories altogether. Fortunately, I did enjoy book 3 more than book 2, Broken Prince, which I felt had more of a filler feeling to it (as is frequently my experience with trilogies). The conclusion and big reveal at the end even caught me off guard, as I never imagined the story culminating that way. However, even book 3 moved a bit slow for my taste. It almost felt like the story stalled a bit until the last three hours or so, when the tying up of the loose ends in the plot really accelerated and became intriguing. For the last part of this story, I was definitely glued to my earbuds.

Please note though that although each story in this trilogy had a different feel to it, you do still need to listen to them in chronological order. Therefore, if you haven’t yet started this series, I recommend you see my AudioGals review for Paper Princess as the below review contains spoilers for the earlier books.

Twisted Palace picks up where Broken Prince leaves off. Ella’s father is alive, to everyone’s surprise. Moreover, he suspects his wife – who Ella has never gotten along with – may have been the one who tried to kill him.

Reed, in turn, is the primary suspect in Brooke’s (his father’s girlfriend) actual murder. Reed and Ella are now both convinced of their love for one another, but as you can imagine, no father is thrilled to see his little girl dating a boy not only known for his player ways, but also one who is suspected of murder.

Things therefore get heated as Reed and Ella race against the clock to try to both prove Reed’s innocence and keep their continuing relationship a secret. Can there possibly be a HEA under the circumstances? Moreover, is Reed innocent and, if so, who actually killed Brooke? Will they be able to prove it before it’s too late?

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