Review: To Sir Phillip With Love by Julia Quinn (Narration by Rosalyn Landor)

4.5 “The Spinster & the Widower Fall in Love” Stars for the story and narration!

What a delectable listen, and a fabulous addition to the Bridgertons’ Series. What begins as a potential marriage of convenience turns out to be so much more, with complex, intriguing characters, fun Bridgerton escapades with all your old favorite characters returning to further enliven the fun, and at the heart of it all an unexpected romance that takes everyone by surprise (including the hero and heroine)! Topping it all off, the expert narration by Rosalyn Landor makes this a must listen to title.

Eloise Bridgerton (the fifth Bridgerton) is what many would call a spinster. Interestingly, her marital status, is not a result of a lack of proposals–no she’s turned down numerous of those. Moreover, Eloise is relatively happy in her course in life, even though she remains unmarried at the “ripe” age of 28. However, as the other Bridgertons begin to marry, including most notably her older brother Colin who has married her best friend Penelope, she has found herself decidedly lonely.

Amidst this inner turmoil, Eloise begins to correspond with her cousin’s widower: Sir Phillip Crane. It began innocently enough, with Eloise writing her condolences to Sir Phillip. However, when they find themselves still writing to each other a year later, Eloise decides to accept Sir Phillip’s rather unconventional offer of coming for a visit (unchaperoned!). Eloise, a character who marches to her own beat and is rather impulsive, “runs away” from home in the middle of a Bridgerton party and shows up on Sir Phillip’s door step the next morning. Sir Phillip rather than questioning this rather bold move for the day, eagerly opens his door for her visit–the fact that he has two rather devilish 8 year-old twins who have a penchant for finding trouble is certainly the driving factor (he must find a new mother who can tame them).

Thus begins the tentative courtship between Eloise and Sir Phillip–one that encounters hilarious sabotage attempts by Sir Phillip’s twins, as well as, very cautious encounters by Eloise, who is determined to marry for love. Nevermind that Eloise’s absence can not go unnoticed by the Bridgerton family for too long and she has 4 alpha male brothers who are sure to seek their pound of flesh against Sir Phillip, notwithstanding that it was Eloise who “ran away.” Could there possibly be a HEA under the circumstances?

Rosalyn Landor as always does a great job of bringing the lively and varied cast of To Sir Phillip, With Love to life. I always enjoy how Ms. Landor is able to create such feminine sounding heroines and yet also give voice to the masculine heroes who sweep them off their feet.

Ms. Landor also has great timing, varying the speed of her delivery for maximum effect to the mood of the scene. This has the added effect of allowing the listener to just sit back and enjoy as the story plays out on your earbuds.

All in all, To Sir Phillip With Love is a great addition to the Bridgertons’ series. It was a lot of fun listening to Sir Phillip (who is not your conventional hero and who has past issues to work out) and the impetuous Eloise find happiness together both for themselves and Sir Phillip’s children. I can’t wait to continue with this series.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.