Review: The Simple Wild by KA Tucker

5 “The Sky Cowboy Yeti and Barbie Accidentally and Unintentionally Fall in Love” Stars!

If you’re looking for a unique story that is sure to hit you right in the feels department and that will sweep you away to a beautiful untouched place, then I highly recommend that you read The Simple Wild! From its beautiful descriptions of rural Alaska and how bush pilots are essential to a way of life in this untamed wild, to its candid look at how love between rural and city types can lead to heart wrenching decisions as well as nonextinguishable love, this book will take you on your journey that will cause you to question just what you would do, and leave you rooting for love to find a way to traverse what seems like insurmountable odds.

Calla Fletcher never remembers meeting her father. She was just two years old when her city loving mother, left her father (a bush pilot in rural Alaska), to go back home to Toronto. Amazingly, Calla is now 26 years old, and her father still never managed to come see her before. But when on top of losing her job, she finds out that her father has lung cancer, she is convinced it may be time to meet him before its too late. So she embarks on a journey to the small town of fictional Bangor, Alaska where she was born. Though she questions why she should even bother to make amends to meet her father, when he clearly never found the time to come and get to know her.

To her surprise though, rather than her father, the bush pilot who comes to pick her up in Anchorage to take her to her father’s town, Jonah, is quite possibly the rudest, most unlikeable man she has ever met. What’s more he looks like a Yeti with his wild unkempt beard, and general appearance, even if he likely is only a few years older than her. He clearly has little tolerance for her, even if she catches him gazing at her a few times. Why then does it seem like everyone in the little town she was born in seem to like him, and moreover the women all seem to be attracted to him?

Just why did Calla’s father stay away all those years? After 24 years apart, is there any way to repair the father/daughter bond? Moreover, why is Jonah treating Calla this way? Could there possibly be anyway for the two to find a way to get along during her short visit to Alaska? Or will history once again find a way of repeating itself?

KA Tucker never ceases to amaze me. I have read many, many of her books, and she always manages to bring a fresh and new perspective to romance. The Simple Wild is completely unlike any of her prior books that I have read and yet it managed to elicit a deep emotional response just like all her priors. I can’t wait to see what new and unique romantic world she conjures up in the future!

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.