Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Written by: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Narrated by: Alma Cuervo , Julia Whelan , Robin Miles

Length: 12 hrs and 10 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date:06-13-17

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio


5 “7 Husbands and 1 True Love” Stars for the story and narration!

No doubt this will be one of my top 5 listens of 2017! This story had me mesmerized. From the historical fictional account of 1950s Hollywood to the tale of a self-made mega movie star and even the neat twist that ties together the present and the past, this story was engaging, eye opening, and inspirational in that it causes you to question your priorities and what will truly be the happiest, most indispensable moments and relationships in your life.

Moreover, though this is a tale of movie star who had seven husbands, rest assured there is a one true love of her life. So romance listeners will definitely want to tune into this audiobook–do not be discouraged by the title! What is not as easy to predict is just who that one true love of her life actually is. This story is by no means conventional, but then again that’s what makes it so fresh, entertaining and emotionally touching. If there is one thing that I can guarantee, it is that this story will cause you to do some deep introspection into what your priorities in life should be and will no doubt cause you to shed a few tears along the way to this epiphany and for the hard lessons that Evelyn had to learn along the way to finding her own realization.

Evelyn Hugo is now in her 70s but for decades she was one of Hollywood’s “it” girls. A Cuban-American woman who raised herself out of the poverty of Hell’s Kitchen and completely reinvented herself into one of Hollywood’s highest paid and sexiest stars. Evelyn climbed the ladder of fame among Hollywood’s elite commencing in the 50s, making a number of crucial relationships along the way, including marrying 7 times. Evelyn, however, is not a whimsical actress as one would expect of an actress who marries seven times. No, instead, just about every aspect of Evelyn’s life, including each one of her seven marriages, was carefully and meticulously planned.

Evelyn is now ready to relay her story to one journalist to write an authorized autobiography posthumously, and she has picked a relatively unknown journalist (Monique Grant) to chronicle and memorialize her story. Just what will her story reveal? Who was her one true love? Why did she marry 7 times? And why is she telling her story now? Moreover, why has she chosen Monique to tell it?

The narration is performed by Alma Cuervo, Julia Whelan, and Robin Miles. This approach works well to differentiate Evelyn’s perspective, Monique’s perspective, and the media accounts of how her actions were perceived by the public in stark contrast to the actual truth in many cases.

Each narrator had good enunciation, was easy to follow, and kept a good pace. This easily allowed me to just sit back and listen to Evelyn’s story unfold and come to life.

Lovers of historical and women’s fiction, as well as, romance listeners with an open mind, will not want to miss The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. But have that box of tissues ready–particularly towards the end of the story–as this story is sure to tug at your heart strings even as it will cause you to get up and go and give your true loved ones an extra big hug.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.