Review: Sisters in White (Snow Sister #3) by Melissa Foster

4 “Weddings, Revenge?, and New Beginnings” Stars for the story and narration!

Sisters in White, book 3 in the Snow Sisters Series, brings together the whole family in a fitting conclusion to this series, while at the same time giving us a taste of what’s to come in the spin-off series, The Bradens. I enjoyed listening to the Snow sisters, Danica and Kaylie, finally achieve their HEA down the aisle while at the same time getting to know other secondary characters who are sure to play a part in future books to come. Additionally Ms. Foster kept us on the edge of our seats with family saga style adventures (somewhat akin, for those of you who were around then, to the escapades that I loved so much from the 1980’s night-time soap operas of Dynasty and Dallas). These side plot lines really kept you guessing as to everyone’s true motivations and connections and served as a great, intriguing side story to the romance.

A dual wedding for the couples of Danica and Blake and Kaylie and Chaz has been scheduled and the whole extended family has been invited. However, this large guest list has tensions running high as Danica and especially Kaylie get prepared to mingle with their father (who they have avoided after discovering his affair and second family), as well as, their step-sister, Lacey, and “the other woman” (Lacey’s mother) Madeline among the many other guests. Additionally, both sisters must also deal with and resolve their own reservations about love, marriage, and indeed, in Danica’s case, even her own reservations with being more uninhibited in the bedroom.

However, these are not the only stories we are treated to as we also begin to see that with love being in the air–this is a wedding after all–other secondary characters are also starting to show interest in one another.  One in particular that caught my eye was the connection between Max Armstrong, Chaz’s right-hand work companion (or “work wife” as she’s referred to in the book) and Treat Braden, the owner of the luxurious resort where the dual weddings are taking place (and also a cousin of Blake’s).  So I’m extra happy to say that we will be treated to more of their chemistry in Book 1 of the Bradens, Lovers at Heart.

BJ Harrison returns as narrator and does a good job with the narration.  Mr. Harrison doesn’t provide a ton of differentiation between characters, so you will need to listen for dialogue tags, but he does have a soothing voice and good pacing which allows you to sit back and listen to the story.  Additionally, I liked that Mr. Harrison returned as narrator for this story in that he provided consistency across the two prior books. Given that this is really the conclusion of those books, it allowed me to easily go back to those stories with minimal need to refresh the background in my head because the sound of his voice helped trigger flashbacks that easily allowed me to remember the setting.

All in all, if you enjoy books that combine women’s fiction with romance, especially those that contain family drama and conflict resolution, then the Snow Sisters series may just be the next listen you were looking for.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.