Review: Sex in the Sticks by Sawyer Bennett

I gave this audiobook a B+ for the story and  A- for Joe Arden’s narration and B for Maxine Mitchell’s narration at AudioGals.

If you ever wondered how Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City would have fared in Alaska, then look no further, Sex in the Sticks will definitely fulfill this itch. This romantic comedy had me smiling throughout many of its scenes and the heat level was beyond a doubt more amped up than what I had anticipated. No super complicated plot lines here, really just a fun, sexy romance that is a perfect vacation listen, and the narration duo of Maxine Mitchell and Joe Arden do a good job of bringing this story to life which is always a bonus for audiobook fans!

Valentine French, an independently wealthy Manhattan socialite who writes a dating and sex advice blog for fun, is tired of all the metrosexuals that seem to be the only men she can find in New York City. What’s more, she’s convinced that her blog is suffering because of her lack of enthusiasm with the dating market, as she frequently writes about her own dating adventures on her blog. So, with the help of her cousin, she comes up with the plan to take a sabbatical in Alaska to see what dating Alaskan men is like.

Thus begins Valentine’s adventure to a small town in Alaska where the number of men way outnumbers the number of women. Needless to say, she has no issue getting (and scheduling) multiple dates. However, Logan Burke, the one man (the sheriff and mayor of the town – it’s that small of a town!) that has come to her rescue numerous times (as her ill-adapted wardrobe for Alaskan temperatures gets her in trouble, plus he saves her when she gets lost in the woods looking for her tiny dog) is the main prospect that she would love to check-out and date. Too bad he’s not interested, or is he? Moreover, what will happen when the truth comes out that she’s been publicly writing about her escapades in this very private town?

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