Review: Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

5 “Uncovering the Truth” Stars!

Sandra Brown’s ability to pen romantic suspense is as strong as ever! Every year I look forward to her annual romantic suspense release, and once again Ms. Brown has captivated my attention with an intriguing mystery and garnered my attention with a well-developed and I think this year extra charged passionate romance!

John Trapper’s father is America’s favorite hero. Over twenty years ago his father became a cherished heroic icon when he saved the lives of numerous people in a hotel bombing of the Pegasus Hotel that claimed close to 200 lives. John’s life, however, was forever negatively affected by that event (which occurred when he was just 11 years old). John feels like he might as well have lost his father that day given his father’s lack of involvement in his life from that day forward as a result of the dramatic change that his father’s fame and notoriety led to. This distance, as well as the circumstances surrounding John’s questionable departure from the ATF, lead to John and his father no longer being on speaking terms.

So when an up and coming TV reporter (Kerra Bailey) asks John for his help in securing an interview from his father for a special anniversary edition, John wants no part of this request–even if he can’t help but have salacious thoughts about the very attractive, Ms. Bailey. When Kerra, however, leaves John–who now works as a private detective–with a puzzle that he quickly solves and which may be the key to proving the theory he “quit” the ATF over; John reluctantly agrees to help Kerra in her request.

That interview, however, leads to one whopper of a revelation and ends up stirring up all kinds of previously buried skeletons. Just what is the truth and what really happened all those years ago? Moreover, as danger is unleashed, will Kerra and John be able to work together to uncover the truth before it is too late? And will they be able to keep their professional distance or will they succumb to their heated attraction?

Lovers of romantic suspense stories will not want to miss Seeing Red: it is sure to hit you in the feels department in all the right spots and challenge your ability to sleuth a mystery to boot! With yet another fantastic Sandra Brown story under my belt, now I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Brown’s talented and intelligently written romantic suspense titles.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.