Review: Riding Dirty (Dirty Eleven MC #1) by Jill Sorenson

5 “Explore Your Wild Side with a Hot MC Biker” Stars!  Although no stranger to action romances, this is Jill Sorenson’s first foray into the MC world, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a shot as I’m a huge fan of MC romances and the book blurb sounded intriguing. Boy, am I glad I did! Wow, was this a hot read! Moreover, the suspense surrounding the mystery of the heroine’s past, and the intricacies of MC life as they relate to the hero, who is a member of the Dirty Eleven MC, provide a good, well-developed plot to complete the package.Psychologist Mia Richards is just a shell of the woman that she used to be. Three years ago, her world was turned on its axis, when her husband was killed in a home invasion robbery gone bad. She came home in the middle of the robbery and was nearly raped, beaten and left for dead. As law enforcement suspected that a MC was responsible for the crimes, they staged her death and she was placed in the witness protection program for her own safety.She has moved on professionally, now a forensic psychologist, but remains emotionally numb. The only thought that provides her any happiness these days is her desire to seek revenge against her husband’s killers. Then, to her extreme delight, she is handed the perfect tool to carry out her retribution plan when Cole “Shank” Shepherd, a tattooed, bad boy, Dirty Eleven MC member, is placed in her care.

Her job is to serve as his counselor while he completes his mission to serve as an informant against his MC. In exchange for his cooperation, he is paroled early from his prison sentence. Of course, Cole, who is a loyal man, would never normally agree to these terms. However, given that the Aryan Brotherhood, a powerful prison gang, has already made an attempt on his life for his refusal to assist them, he is left with no choice. But he knows he’s a dead man either way, and can’t determine who he should betray.

Mia’s plan is to seduce Cole and then manipulate him into agreeing to kill the men responsible for killing her husband, who she believes are rival MC members. What Mia never counted on was genuinely liking Cole, and being deeply attracted to him. Cole, in turn, makes no secret of his desire to bed her. In fact, he wants that and more. Convinced that he no longer wants to lead a lonely life, and feeling a connection to Mia that he has never felt before, he makes no secret of his desire for true intimacy with her.

But can two people from such different walks of life ever truly find a HEA? Will their respective social circles ever allow such an unconventional love affair to endure? As each person’s past is slowly revealed, the obstacles become more daunting. Moreover, Cole must still determine whether to double cross the police or his MC. Will he survive that decision? …

All in all, Riding Dirty was a hot, sexy romance which kept me engrossed from page 1. The erotic nature of this read was off the charts, and caught me somewhat off guard as I wasn’t expecting some of the wilder scenes. In that regard, please note that this book contains a number of scenes where the heroine explores some pretty unconventional, wild fantasies, including one involving a ménage scene. So if this is not your cup of tea, you may want to skip this one. In that regard, I will say, that although this is not the type of erotica that I typically read, and I was initially skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised by how Ms. Sorenson built it into the plot and how she used it to further the romance.

I can’t wait for the next installment in the Dirty Eleven series!

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