Review: My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

4.5 “Jaded Divorce Attorney 2nd Chance at a HEA” Stars!

This is my second Kristan Higgins’ book, and I can honestly say I get why she has such a loyal following. There is just a certain transcendental quality to her characters that grab you and draw you in. Moreover, her romances demonstrate great depth from the intensity of the characters unique quirks to an underlying comical nature that will have you secretly smiling, to the endearing romance that will have your heart warming, Ms. Higgins knows how to touch all of my buttons to deliver a romance that proves satisfying and quenching to the romance enthusiast on many different fronts. Last but not least, Xe Sands’ talented narration expertly brings this title to life making it a great choice to experience in audiobook format.

Harper James fell victim to her inability to say no to marriage once. Now older and wiser, she defends those who made that fateful mistake as a divorce attorney. Therefore when she gets yet another call from her little sister Willa claiming that she’s ready to get married again (for the third time) after knowing the doomed groom for only a few weeks, Harper unwillingly agrees to attend the destination wedding but she will not keep her opinions to herself this time hoping to steer her sister in the right direction away from aisle before it’s too late.

So imagine her surprise, when Harper arrives at the venue of the ill-fated event only to find out that her sister’s intended groom is none other than the brother of her former husband, Nick. Even more interesting she manages to convince her boy toy, fireman boyfriend (Dennis) along for the ride. But things get seriously interesting when old feelings begin to surface and the events of the past that were so clear for 12 years in her head begin to be rehashed to reveal that not everything may have transpired exactly the way her cynical memory remembers them.

Xe Sands delivers a fantastic narration in My One and Only. Delivering personality specific voices for each one of the many characters, Ms. Sands rendition makes you feel like you are listening to a movie. From Dennis’ “dude” 90s reminiscent persona to Nick’s more serious and sensitive nature and Harper’s cynical, smart and quick-witted style, Ms. Sands’ nails each one of these primary characters’ traits to a T.

Perhaps what I loved the most of Ms. Sand’s narration is her comedic timing which was perfectly suited for this romance that features many comical lines. Using the perfect timing, Ms. Sands’ garnered a ton of smiles and even downright laughs from me as this funny and yet romantic story unveiled itself.

All in all, if you’re looking for a romance that will make you laugh, cry and most importantly feel hope that 2nd chances are truly possible for everyone (even those who are initially the most jaded), then My One and Only is sure to hit the right spot.

Source: Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.