Review: Michael’s Wings by Tiffany Reisz

Fans of the Original Sinners Series will not want to miss Michael’s Wings!   Featuring a number novellas that take place at many different points in the series, you’ll get a chance to revisit and experience a little more of these characters and their stories with Michael and Griffin being the primary characters. From Griffin’s proposal to Michael and Michael’s weighing of that decision to Griffin meeting Michael’s mother for the first time and even Griffin meeting Kingsley for the first time; these stories are sure to keep your turning the pages with their intriguing plots as well as all the salacious moments between.

One thing I do caution is that you should only read Michael’s Wings after the entire series to avoid spoilers. Also it would be good to go back to Book 2, The Angel to refresh your memory on how Griffin and Michael first meet as well as their backgrounds, before starting Michael’s Wings.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.