Review: Make Me Love You by Johanna Lindsey

I gave this book a C+ for the story and a B+ for the narration at AudioGals

Narration by Beverley A. Crick

Every once in a while I listen to a romance audiobook that while the blurb attracts me, the actual execution of the story just misses. Unfortunately, that was the case for me for Make Me Love You. In the end, while I was interested enough to listen to the entire story, and definitely felt invested enough to know how the story was resolved, I just had trouble feeling the love connection between the hero and the heroine. In that regard, it just felt too forced and unlikely and I ultimately had trouble believing that a heroine and particularly the hero, in this case, with such deep seated familial animosity, could overcome this animosity based on the way the story occurred. Fortunately, the above average narration by Beverley A. Crick was a driver in helping me listen to this title to the end.

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