Review: Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster (Narration by BJ Harrison)

3.5 “Open Your Heart to Second Chances” Stars for the story and 4.5 Stars for the narration.

Lovers at Heart is a second chance romance with a strong women’s fiction influence.  At the heart of this story (pun intended!) is the vulnerability of opening up one’s heart to love after an initial rejection.  Much of this story is focused on an introspection of the fear of vulnerability that a person must necessarily experience to fall in love.

Although Lovers At Heart is the beginning of a new series, The Bradens, it’s also a spin-off of the Love in Bloom Series where the hero and heroine are first introduced.  The heroine is Max, Chaz’s assistant and the hero is Treat, the owner of the resort where sisters, Danica and Kaylie, get married.  Treat and Max first meet on the resort and share an intimate moment. However, Max is heartbroken when the next day Treat spurns her.  Of course, what Treat reacts to is seeing Max in the company of a co-worker in the early morning hours and she is wearing the same clothes from the night before which leads to Treat’s own jealousy and hurt feelings.

When Max and Treat meet again unexpectedly in Treat’s hometown of Weston, Colorado, it’s their opportunity to explore their second chance. But when the hurt feelings of their first meeting make this second opportunity at a union difficult, Treat and Max must learn that they must be willing to get hurt again if they really want to find love. Can their be a HEA under the circumstances?

BJ Harrison returns to narrate this debut book in the spin-off series of The Bradens. Having already gotten used to Mr. Harrison’s melodic voice, I was able to quickly re-transition back into the lives of these characters. I also as a general matter enjoy his voice. Mr. Harrison has a soothing voice that sounds like a therapist’s voice. This voice worked well to highlight Treat’s good qualities and also helped to bring to life Max’s and Treat’s struggles with their own feelings as they try and find love.

All in all, the focus of this book is on the struggles that people must overcome to finally find true happiness and love. If you enjoy books with this as the central theme, and enjoy a full cast in your romances with lots of secondary characters that give the book the feeling of a family drama, then Lovers at Heart is sure to hit the right spot.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.