Review: Lawless by TM Frazier

4.5 “The Hope Filled Ring” Stars for the story and narration!

Sigh . . . Bear’s story. I had been looking forward to this 3rd book in the King Series since I finished Ray’s & King’s story. Although Books 1 & 2 (King and Tyrant) are helpful for Bear’s background, and some insight into the suspense arc, they are not absolutely necessary to read first as Lawless and Book 4 (Soulless) in essence function as their own separate love story and the background is for the most part briefly explained in Lawless.

Having already been given a glimpse at the horrific abuse that Bear had suffered, not to mention that he has been kicked out of his MC club (the life he was born into and the only one he has ever known), I knew that Bear’s story wouldn’t be an easy one. And it definitely isn’t easy, neither is the insane situation that Thea, the heroine, is trying to escape from.

Somehow though, a promise in the form of a ring, that was meant as a platitude, forms the basis for reuniting these two lost souls–and through this reunion, one is given a purpose again while the other is given some hope. But the odds are definitely stacked against them when two individuals, each of whom has suffered abuse, try to come together. Moreover, there are plenty of external factors that are still gunning against them. Can there possibly be a HEA in the future them?

I enjoyed the intensity of this story. There is something just so primal about two individuals struggling to survive such dark circumstances–making their union all the more dramatic. Almost like a drowning man struggling to breathe–such is the life force that each can garner from the other.

But be forewarned, like Ray’s and King’s story, this book ends in a cliffhanger, so you will need to commit to reading or listening to Book 4, Soulless, if you want the whole story. Having just finished Lawless–particularly given the huge cliffy–I can’t wait to see how it all ends in Soulless.

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