Review: Keep Her Safe by KA Tucker

4.5 “Who Should You Trust?” Stars!

If you’re looking for a book that will keep you on your toes, then look no further! KA Tucker is a masterful suspense writer and her talent shines bright in Keep Her Safe. For romantic suspense lovers, rest assured there is also a romance element to this read, though it takes on more of a secondary role to the intriguing suspense. The HEA at the end, however, is as equally satisfying as finally uncovering the mystery elements of this tale which kept me on the edge of my seat from the start to finish.

Gracie Richards used to lead an all-American life until the night her father was killed and then her life completely changed. Not only did she lose her father, a police officer, but once the dust settles it is proclaimed that her father was a corrupt cop who was killed in a drug deal gone bad. This destroys Gracie and her mother (who never believed the allegations) and ultimately they leave their beautiful, perfect home in Austin, Texas to live in a run-down trailer far away from the publicity that the allegations have garnered. Moreover, Gracie’s mother is destroyed in the process and becomes a junkie to cope with the pain.

All that changes, however, the day that Noah Marshall comes to town. Noah’s life has equally been upended though that occurs many years later. You see, Noah’s mother used to work with Gracie’s father and later became the chief of that very same police department. After years of battling depression and drinking due to the guilt she harbored over the events leading up to Gracie’s fathers death, she too finally loses her grip with life. However, before she does, she leave Noah with a bag that has $98,000 of cash, a gun holster, and a mission to find Gracie and undo a wrong and better her life by giving her the money.

Why did Noah’s mother have this money? Where did it come from, and how did she get it? Moreover, could it mean that Gracie’s dad was innocent after all?

Adding further intrigue to this house of cards, Noah and Gracie feel an attraction for one another. But could they possibly get involved under the circumstances, especially given that clearing Gracie’s dad may ultimately lead to implicating Noah’s mother?

All in all, Keep Her Safe had a number of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and kept me engaged until the very end. Additionally, the romantic tension between the hero and heroine make this good story even more tantalizing.

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    1. KA Tucker is fantastic–particularly if you’re a fan of romantic suspense, you should definitely go out and try her works!

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