Review: Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant

I gave this audiobook a B+ for both the story and narration at AudioGals.

Narrated by Nicol Zanzarella

As a romantic suspense title that will cause you to question just who your allies and enemies truly are, Incriminating Evidence is sure to pique your curiosity. This title delivers more than just suspense, with an interesting enemies- to-lovers romantic plot that takes up equal, or near equal, time in its development as the suspense angle. Additionally, for the audiobook lovers, the narration by the talented Nicol Zanzarella makes this a good romantic suspense title to enjoy in audiobook format.

Isabel Dawson is determined to uncover the true reason why her older brother Vin died. His death has been ruled a training accident, as he was employed by a paramilitary organization named Raptor and was on their training compound in Alaska when he died. However, she is convinced that Vin’s death was no accident – it was murder. Vin died while on the land owned by Raptor, and the Raptor CEO, Alec Ravissant (a former army ranger turned politician who is running for a Senate seat in Maryland), is blocking her attempts to obtain more information about circumstances surrounding his death. The situation has gotten so heated that Alec has even obtained a restraining order prohibiting Isabel from going on Raptor land.

But Isabel is a determined woman as well as an archaeologist who is used to solving mysteries. So she ignores the restraining order, determined to find a cave that Vin mentioned to her and which she is convinced holds the evidence she needs to prove his murder. What Isabel could never have counted on, however, was stumbling upon her nemesis, Alec Ravissant, while exploring the land. Moreover, Alec has been attacked and is unconscious giving her no option but to help him. She’s so tough, in fact, that she creates a makeshift device (travois) to pull his body miles in the cold Alaskan terrain to a small shelter. Without her aid, he would have frozen to death. However, when he wakes up, he pays her back not with thanks, but by having her arrested!

But as Alec begins to regain his strength and starts to do some digging of his own, he starts to see that Isabel may just have been right all along, and even more distressing, given her undoubtedly negative effect on his campaign, undeniably alluring. So Alec reaches out to Isabel who, though skeptical, is also not willing to lose an opportunity to bring closure to her brother’s case. But can they really trust each other? Thus begins a journey where they begin to uncover a number of clues. But not everything is as it seems. Can Alec and Isabel discover the truth before danger looms in and gets one or both of them? Moreover, could there possibly be a HEA in the cards for this couple?

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