Review: Hold on Tight (Sea Breeze #8) by Abbi Glines

Narrated by Sebastian York and Shayna Thibodeaux

I absolutely loved this audiobook! It was so captivating that I listened to it in just two sittings over less than twelve hours! As a mother, this story of a single teenage mom and the lengths that she went to protect her baby, even in the face of unbelievable abandonment, just broke my heart. Hold on Tight was so emotionally charged that it even made me cry throughout several points in the book. What a story of courage and of the healing power of true love!

Sienna Roy lost her boyfriend, Dustin Falco, in a drunk driving accident at the tender age of sixteen. They had grown up together and had been best friends since they were kids, so it was a doubly devastating loss. To make matters worse, she discovered shortly after his death that she was pregnant with his child; her parents quickly and quietly sent her away.

Dewayne Falco, Dustin’s older brother, lost more than just a brother following Dustin’s accident, a tragedy for which he blames himself. He also lost Sienna. Dewayne had been protecting Sienna since she was a child, and had particularly stepped it up when she started high school, as Dustin’s popularity as the star basketball player had caused him to neglect her. Believing that his “perfect” brother was the one truly deserving of her, Dewayne made it his mission to ensure that Sienna was safe until Dustin was ready to man up to the woman he deserved to love for the rest of his life.

When Sienna disappeared into thin air, and her parents convinced him that she had been sent to a mental facility to recover from a nervous breakdown induced by his brother’s death, Dewayne resolved himself to move on with his life and help his parents pick up the pieces. Leading a pretty wild party life, he indulged in women to dull the pain of his losses, but never spent more than one night with any one.

Six years later, after her father passes away, her mother moves out and Sienna moves back in, with a five-year old boy in tow. One look into the boy’s eyes, and there is no denying who he is. Feeling like life has provided him with a miraculous second chance, but enraged that Sienna would keep this secret from him and his family, especially at a time when they were hurting the most, Dewayne doesn’t know what to do. The one thing he does know is that he must be involved in his nephew’s life.

With Dustin gone, he determines that it is his responsibility to make sure that all of Dustin’s son’s needs are met. This responsibility is made especially clear when he looks at Sienna and her meager belongings (including her scrap metal of a car), and sees that Sienna has barely been able to scramble enough together to provide just the bare necessities.

Sienna, in turn, while deeply longing to provide her son with family, believes that the Falcos abandoned her when she needed them most. Now Dewayne claims he wants to be involved. Can she trust him? As the web of lies and betrayal start to unfurl, deep held feelings between Dewayne and Sienna can no longer be denied. But given their unbreakable connection via Dustin’s son, is it wise to risk losing it all again for the promise of more?

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