Review: Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen

4 “Overcoming Prejudice to Find Happiness” Stars!

Hello Forever is a new adult, M/M romance that explores the societal and family pressures that some LGBT couples have to overcome to finally find their true happiness. This story broke my heart at the injustice that some couples have to overcome just to explore their own nature and finally find their HEA.

Axel and Caxton have been attracted to one another since they met at a youth group church camp. Sadly the one time they tried to explore these feelings, they were caught by the pastor who reported them to their parents and their parents quickly put a stop to the further development of any sort of relationship.

Years later after no contact with Caxton, Axel is watching the basketball game of a college that has offered him a position on their athletic department in the public relations department when the camera pans over to the crowd and he sees none other than Caxton (who turns out to be a graduate student at the same college). Although its been years, Axel decides it must be destiny and accepts the offer.

When Axel finally runs into Caxton on campus, however, he discovers that Caxton is still “in the closet.” Moreover, given his father’s deep seated prejudice, and his need to want to be there for his 3 younger brothers (now that they only have him and his father after the death of his mother), Caxton decides that though his feelings are just as strong as they once were for Axel, there is just no way he can risk his father taking away his brothers if he finds out. So he denies himself the one and only man he has ever loved. Will destiny find a way to provide Caxton and Axel their HEA?

All in all, this was a good new adult, M/M romance. While I did enjoy Goodbye Paradise (Book 1) more, there were aspects of this novel that made it different and fresh, such as Caxton’s commitment to his brothers and their relationship with one another. Moreover, I enjoyed getting to see how Joshua and Caleb, the couple of Goodbye Paradise, were faring as they are Axel’s landlords.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.