Review: Four Letter Word by J. Daniel (Narration by Kate Russell and Sebastian York)

*I gave this audiobook an A/A- for the Narration and B for the Story at AudioGals*

This is a tough review to write. There were things about this book that I loved, but one major and one minor building block of this relationship that didn’t sit well with me. Unfortunately, the blurb doesn’t flush out most of this story (instead just giving you a glimpse of these characters at a point in time) and I don’t want to give away too much and ruin the development of the story for you, so I will have to dance around what I didn’t like without giving away too many details. This also means that I will not provide a traditional background factual recitation for this story for fear of giving too much away.

First, what I loved. The narration was simply top-notch! Kate Russell blew it out of the park with her range in voices, as well as her emotional, inspiring, and well attuned delivery. You get a good sense of the heroine’s perspective from Ms. Russell’s delivery. Not only does she clearly tell her story, but she also does it in an empathetic fashion that makes you root for the heroine to find her HEA.

Sebastian York ‘s narration also works incredibly well in this story. Mr. York’s narration time, although much shorter than Ms. Russell’s, was the perfect accentuation of the hero’s point of view. He nailed what I pictured in my head for this hero’s voice, and given the incredibly hot nature of this story, he did a fantastic job with those passages as well.

Another aspect that I enjoyed about this story is that it ended up being more complex than I was expecting. With both the hero’s and heroine’s backstories featuring prominently in the stumbling blocks towards, and the development of, their relationship (but not being described in the blurb), it is no surprise that a large part of this romance is in facts unfolding as the characters get to know each other, as well as their own individual wants and desires in a relationship. There is also another serious theme mixed in which I wasn’t expecting and that challenged my acceptance of another circumstance in the story that I normally would have outright rejected. Some of my favorite romances are those that cause the listener to have to think outside of the box, and J. Daniel’s certainly hit that cord with me in Four Letter Word.

However, the hero holds back one serious fact about himself when he first starts his physical relationship with the heroine. . . .

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