Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (Narration by Holter Graham)

5 “Catching a Serial Killer” Stars for the story and narration!

I absolutely loved this third book in the Alpha & Omega Series! Now that the werewolves are out, they must be much more careful in their public image. That means that Charles, as the enforcer of his pack, is working overtime. Unfortunately, all this killing discipline is haunting Charles literally. Fortunately, Anna, his mate, has his back even if Charles refuses to open up the mating bond to allow her to truly hear and feel what is disturbing him.

Amidst this backdrop, and in some respect due to it as a possible welcome change to Charles’ pace, Anna is sent on a mission to help the government track down a serial killer with obvious supernatural abilities. Charles, of course, as her mate and protector is right there alongside her. As the clock winds down to find the killer before he succeeds again, Charles & Anna also begin to rediscover each other. But will Anna be able to break down Charles’ self-defense mechanism before it’s too late and be able to stop the serial killer at the same time?

As always Holter Graham does a fantastic job of narrating. Mr. Graham maintains remarkable consistency in this large cast of characters voices making it feel like you are listening to an old familiar movie, allowing you to easily sit back and enjoy the complex and intrigue story that Ms. Briggs has spun.

I can’t wait to continue on with this series!

Source: Library-copy.


2 thoughts on “Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs (Narration by Holter Graham)

  1. Wait, was this the one in Boston or some East Coast city? I really liked that one, but I can’t recall now. This series is excellent and I agree, Holter Graham does an amazing job! Woot!

    1. Hi Jen, yes that’s the one!! Most of this book was set in Boston and I think it was one of the best of the series both from the suspense and romance angle.

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