Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (Narration by Olivia Song)

5 “Keep Swimming” Stars for the story and narration! A new top-favorite!!

Colleen Hoover never ceases to amaze. Wow, just wow! Words can not express what an unbelievably, heart-breaking and yet eye-opening story Ms. Hoover has penned! Managing to tackle a very difficult topic (domestic abuse) and giving us a whole new, inspiring perspective on this subject, It Ends with Us is sure to be inspirational and instructive to both those who have experienced this sad issue first-hand as well as those who are struggling to understand others who seem to be trapped in this cycle.

Further enhancing this must listen is Olivia Song’s expert narration. Excelling in all of the basic features of a good narration (pleasing sound, distinguishable voices, and appropriate pacing) as well as just generally enhancing and adding to the already touching effect of this story, Ms. Song’s rendition perfectly brings to life It Ends With Us.

If you read or listen to just one new adult romance all year, It Ends With Us should be it!

Now I’m left eagerly awaiting Ms. Hoover’s next masterpiece–I will read or listen to anything she writes because after countless books, I have never been anything but completely impressed with her work.

Source: Library-copy.