Review: Destined for Love by Melissa Foster (Narration by BJ Harrison)

4 “Family Feuds and Their Star Crossed Lovers” Stars for the story and narration.

Destined for Love is perfect for lovers of the forbidden love trope, particularly Romeo & Juliet styled romances. Whether you have already fallen in love with the Bradens, are a fan of Western romances, or are just looking for a sweet, feel-good romance, Destined for Love is likely to appeal to a large audience of romance lovers. Moreover, BJ Harrison’s smooth, tranquil voice makes this a good audiobook format choice for sitting back and relaxing to a heart-felt tale.

The hero of this story is Rex–Treat Braden’s brother from book 1, Lovers at Heart. Rex is your good all-American cowboy who runs his family’s ranch. He’s the kind of guy who is an alpha hero and who you can count on both in terms of loyalty and protection. So imagine his conflict at the realization that the one woman who really ignites his feelings of love and desire is the one woman he cannot under any circumstances have because she is a Johnson, the family that borders his family’s ranch and his family’s sworn enemy due to a feud between the two family patriarchs.

Jade had always had a crush on Rex, but when she left town she never thought she would get a chance to explore her feelings for Rex given the family feud. Then several years later she returns. She now has a successful veterinarian practice and has lived through and moved on from a bad relationship, but still feels those same familiar stirrings when she sees Rex. And then Rex comes to her rescue, and they both feel those feelings stir, even if the same old family feud still stands in the way.

Will Jade and Rex get a real chance to explore their attraction to one another? Moreover, will they be the glue that finally finds resolution for the family feud between the Bradens and Johnsons or will the feud become an inconquerable obstacle to their love?

BJ Harrison has a melodic voice which pulls the listener in for a comfort listen. While Mr. Harrison doesn’t have a huge range in his voices for characters, he does slightly vary his voice for each character. Additionally, he is able to impart emotion and empathy in the right parts of the story to add an additional element of feeling to the story.

All in all, Destined for Love is a good choice for any time that you’re looking for a sweet, wholesome feel good romance with a good conflict subplot that will add to the intrigue and allure of the romance.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.