Review: Deacon by Kit Rocha

4 “Follow Instructions or Your Heart” Stars!

Deacon features an action-filled plot with a touch of suspense and a love story with a touch of a forbidden love theme. For those of you who are familiar with Kit Rocha’s predecessor series, The Beyond Series, this is a spin-off series that takes place chronologically after the war is over and is primarily focused on Section 1. All that said it is not necessary to have read the Beyond Series to be able to enjoy this series. If you haven’t though, I would recommend that you at least read book 1 (Ashwin) as it will give additional background about Gideon’s Riders and the royal families of Sector 1 which although not essential for an enjoyment of the romance in Deacon definitely help put the political and ideological influences in context.

One of the factors that attracted me to this book was the heroine, Ana. Ana is the only female Gideon Rider and therefore feels like she has big shoes to fill. Always cognizant that her actions will affect the many young girls who look up to and admire her, never mind the ones that hope to follow in her footsteps, Ana feels like she (more than any other Gideon Rider) must lead an exemplary life above criticism from anyone.

Complicating Ana’s hope to lead a life as a Gideon’s Rider above reproach is Deacon. Deacon is the longest living Gideon Rider and technically her boss. As her leader, any romantic connections could be misconstrued and call into question her decisions in battle. Try though she and he might though, there is definitely an attraction that binds them beyond the normal ties of co-workers or a brother and sister in arms. And when a shocking secret is revealed about Deacon’s past, and the sordid circumstances as to how he came to be among the Gideon’s Rider’s ranks comes to the surface, Ana’s as well as the other Gideon’s Riders loyalties will be tested. Can Deacon be trusted? Is it possible to love and also be a martyr and ruthless defender of one’s sector as all Gideon Rider’s are required to be?

The professional quandary’s that Ana must navigate and survive are not unlike many of the struggles that professional women endure when their loyalties between home and work come into question. I enjoyed seeing Ana stay true to herself, including her big heart, and still find a way to succeed. Therefore I think this is an inspirational story that PNR/dystopian science fiction romance lovers, particularly women, will enjoy. Now I can’t wait for the next book in the series, Ivan, which will feature Ivan.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.

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