Review: Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren

I gave this audiobook a B for the story, an A for Deacon Lee’s narration and a C for Shayna Thibodeaux’s narration at AudioGals.

Narrated by Shayna Thibodeaux and Deacon Lee

Being a huge fan of the Christina Lauren writing duo’s humorous, contemporary romance style, I knew right away that I would listen to Dating You Hating You. It is a stand-alone contemporary romance that features a contentious office romance between lovers that are competing for the same job. As one of my favorite humorous romances of all time is set against a similar backdrop (Emma Chase’s Tangled), and knowing how witty the Christina Lauren writing team can be, I was expecting big things from Dating You Hating You. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed this title, I’m afraid it just didn’t wow me as I had expected. Instead, this story did provide decent entertainment that kept me engaged, albeit not glued to my earbuds. Additionally, I suspect that my dislike of some aspects of Shayna Thibodeaux’s narration style may also have influenced my enjoyment of this title.

Carter and Evie, both talent agents at competitor agencies in Hollywood, meet at a Halloween party and their connection gets off to a promising start. Given that both Carter and Evie are practically married to their jobs, both are surprised at their initial smooth going attraction and undeniable chemistry.

When both abruptly find out that Evie’s agency has bought out and merged with Carter’s and that they both are among the lucky few that are keeping their jobs in the same department, things start to get awkward, especially when Evie’s boss makes it clear that he expects her to be a “team player” and show the younger (by 5 years), promising Carter the ropes. All that team playing aside, however, Evie’s boss also notes that they likely only have room for one features agent in their office in California. Thus, Evie and Carter are put in the awkward position of competing with each other even as they are just beginning to explore a potential relationship. Could there possibly be a HEA? And just who is going to land the job?

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