Review: Burn by Shey Stahl (Narration by Greyson Ash & JF Harding)

4 “Firefighter Love” Stars for the story and 4.5 Stars for the narration!

Lovers of steamy, heat-filled listens will want to add room to their to-listen shelves for Burn! This book will definitely keep you hot and bothered with its red-hot intense scenes as well as chuckling along the way with its tongue-in-cheek humor. Moreover, the well-done dual narration by Greyson Ash and J. F. Harding makes this a good choice to experience in audio.

Although Milena Wellington comes from money (her father owns the ritzy hotel she is the general manager of) she’s presently homeless by choice, but nonetheless sleeping on her friend’s couch. This is because her boyfriend–who cheated on her–then had the audacity to kick her out. Then she meets and gets intimate with a firefighter who lights her world.

Problem is: Caleb–aka the hot firefighter–isn’t the settling down type.

Will their union be a passing flame or actually be the catalyst that sparks a true change in each others lives?

The dual narration worked well to differentiate the chapters which are told in alternate points of view of Milena’s and Caleb’s perspective. Both narrators do a great job of both communicating the humor and the heat that fill the pages of this romance. Moreover, they use good timing to adequately pace the delivery of the story as well as instill each scene with adequate emotion.

Perhaps my favorite part of the story was Caleb’s sexy voice. JF Harding, in particular, does an amazing job of bringing Caleb to life. Greyson Ash also exceled with Milena’s parts making this dual narration a hit!

All in all, if you’re looking for a steamy, funny romance, Burn may just be the book to scratch your itch.

Source: Review copy provided for review purposes.