Review: The Baller by Vi Keeland

4 “Can You ‘Love’ More Than One?” Stars for the story and narration.
Narration by Mackenzie Cartwright and Sean Crisden

This story definitely had a lot more substance than what I was originally expecting from the blurb. In that regard, I loved that there was a real story behind the more typical stud sports star finally finds his match trope. However, I felt like there was a thread of this story that was just too conveniently wrapped up towards the end, so I had to discount the rating a bit.

All that said, I enjoyed the spicy tension between the two primary characters, and both the romance and other sub-plots kept me entertained throughout. Ms. Keeland definitely has a talent for writing romantic comedy (as there were a number of scenes, and quirky traits that the heroine had–like her humorous observations of the spellings of several of the character’s initials and a certain towel scene–that left me with a smile on my face). Moreover, this story contains more than just casual fun topics delving into some pretty heavy emotional topics, and also has some sexy scenes that definitely had some heat to them.

The narration is also relatively solid. Narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright and Sean Crisden in the typical new adult fashion (with the chapters from female characters’ perspectives narrated by Ms. Cartwright and Mr. Crisden narrating the hero’s perspective), this style generally works for this storyline. Additionally both narrators do a good job of communicating emotion and pacing their deliveries. However, I found a couple of detractors. Mr. Crisden’s females don’t sound incredibly feminine and Ms. Cartwright didn’t provide much differentiation between the heroine and another key female character, which were both factors in the 4-star rating.

All in all, this is a book that is likely to have something for all types of romance lovers. Additionally, the narration is generally solid making this a sound choice to experience in audio format.

Source: Library-loan.