Quick Take-Aways Review: Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs (Narration by Holter Graham)

4.5 “Zen and Sword Play” Stars for the story and the narration!

I continue to be mesmerized by the Alpha & Omega and Mercy Thompson Series! Patricia Briggs your imagination rocks! Adding an element of legend and world werewolf and other supernatural politics to her already intriguing and well developed Urban Fantasy world which expands over both these series, Hunting Ground further explains the political climate and hidden motivations of a number of this world’s leaders as they continue to grapple with Bran’s controversial proposition that the werewolves announce their existence to the humans. On a personal level, both Ana and Charles also make great personal progress towards conquering past demons and learning how to settle in to their mated bond relationship.

Further complementing this intricately woven story is the fantastic narration by Holter Graham. Hunting Ground definitely tests Mr. Graham’s ability to produce a number of additional accents, and Mr. Graham performs brilliantly producing authentic sounding characters from all over the world. Moreover, Mr. Graham’s timing and ability to denote the emotion of the scene is beyond compare!

I can’t wait to listen to more of the Alpha and Omega and Mercy Thompson Series. Next up in my TBL is book 5 in the Mercy Thompson Series (Silver Bourne).

Source: Library Copy.

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