Quick Take-Aways Review: The Prince by Sylvain Reynard

4 “Underground Prince of Florence” Stars!

Whether you are fans of the Gabriel Emerson Series or are just looking for a quick introduction to the The Florentine Series, The Prince is a great segue between these two series. Romance enthusiasts, however, take note that this book, as is sometimes typical in sequential PNR Series, is really just back world setting. For the romance, you will have to wait for the later books in the Series (in fact, the heroine isn’t even introduced until Book 1). Fortunately, The Raven (Book 1) does jump right into the passion/romance angle of this series. Moreover, if you want to skip this one altogether and start at Book 1, you will not be lost for doing so. In fact, I think listening to The Raven before this book actually helped me appreciate the intricate political nuances all the better!

Also sadly, for the audiobook listeners out there, I think this introductory novella is only available to read (not listen) which is a shame because I listened to the Raven, and am in the middle of listening to The Shadow, and John Michael Morgan’s narration is divine.

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