Quick Take-Aways Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn (Narration by Rosalyn Landor)

4 “The Tomboy Next Door” Stars for the story and 5 Stars for Rosalyn Landor’s narration.

This was my first Julia Quinn book and I loved it! Moreover, the narration by Rosalyn Landor as always is divine. Although I think it may have been even more meaningful knowing the long Bridgerton history (from Ms. Quinn’s predecessor long-running HR Series of the same name), it could nonetheless be enjoyed as a stand-alone given that the entire romance portion of the plot is contained in this book.

Moreover, I’m a huge fan of strong, unconventional heroines, and Billie Bridgerton certainly fit this mold. While George, the hero, was a little bit of a stick in the mud in the beginning, he eventually comes around under Billie’s influence.

All in all, listening to this story of how these two unlikely individuals come together to form a pair, was an entertaining and delightful listen.

Source: Library Loan