Quick Take-Aways Review: The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

4 “The Actress & Her Assassin” Stars for the story and narration.

Having absolutely fallen in love with The Highwayman, which won the 2016 romance Audie award, I knew I had to listen to book 2 in the series, The Hunter. The Hunter proved to be another enjoyable historical romance of a “bad boy” hero who had a bad start in life and who finally meets his match who shows him how to feel and love again. For some reason, however, I just didn’t feel the connection as strongly with this hero and heroine, as I did with The Highwayman, but then again it just may be that my expectations were really high for this one.

The narration is also solid, making this a good audiobook pick.

Now I can’t wait for Book 3, The Highlander, which is due to be released in August.

Source: Library copy.