Quick-Takes Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren (Narration by Grace Grant)

4.5 “I Hate Love My Boss” Stars for the story and for the narration!

I have no excuse for waiting so long to enjoy this title. Reminding me somewhat of Tangled by Emma Chase, in its investment bank office romance, but with a much more “bossier” hero (so beware for those who don’t like the alpha-hole styled heroes), the heated interactions between this couple is off the charts! This is definitely one steamy listen! Moreover, I love strong, smart heroines who can bring powerful heroes to their knees, and Beautiful Bastard definitely nails this theme.

Further complementing this story is the solid narration by Grace Grant. Having listened to Ms. Grant before–she is a frequent narrator for Simon & Schuster Audio titles–and never having been disappointed, I knew that this would be a good title to listen to. She nails the tension and underlying humor in this heated office romance perfectly. Moreover, I enjoyed her pacing of the story. The only thing I will mention is that she doesn’t provide too much differentiation between her female and male voices in this title. Nonetheless, she uses other factors, like the smugness or confidence in her delivery to easily differentiate the speaker, so I had no trouble with the narration and was able to sit back and enjoy the story.

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4 thoughts on “Quick-Takes Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren (Narration by Grace Grant)

  1. I’ve heard that this whole series is fabulous on audio. I really need to give this one a try. I’m a bit nervous about the whole alpha-hole thing, but I still think I need to try this one out!

    1. Well, Bennett is definitely alpha to the max, but if you enjoyed Drew from Tangled then I think you will enjoy this one too. I happen to love alpha heroes, especially if paired with an equally strong heroine: ) Hope you get a chance to list Quinn. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Ooh, I read most of the Wild Seasons series too, and enjoyed that one too! Glad to hear you are a Christina Lauren fan too Jen: )

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